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Yes Putter Review

Yes Putters were started in the late nineties, when the "Putting Doctor" himself, Harold Swash, created the first C-Groove putter prototype. Swash has coached several PGA pros, including Nick Faldo, Paul Azinger and Bernhard Langer, and so it goes without saying that he knows a thing or two about putting, including what makes a great golf putter. Using specially cut concentric grooves positioned at precise angles to the putter head, Yes C-Groove putters incorporate a fine-tuned technology to help grip the golf ball while simultaneously lifting the ball to produce a true, forward-rolling motion. In fact, the forward roll has been shown to be six times greater than the roll produced by other putters. The result is a putt with minimized skidding, sliding, hopping and back spinning. Yes putters have been independently tested for their consistency in distance and accuracy, which they passed with flying colors. Furthermore, even for off-centered putts, Yes putters were shown to produce least variation in directional line than other putters.

Yes C-Groove Golf Putters
Groove Face Technology
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Yes C-Groove Golf Putters have undergone extensive testing, the results of which prove this to be one of the most advanced putters on the market. Using robotic putters and fast-motion cameras to document these tests, the C-Groove was shows to produce a consistent putt in terms of distance and line even when the golf ball is struck as much as a quarter inch off-center. Compared with other leading putter brands, Yes is certainly one of the best. Having received a #1 Rankmark Ranking, as well as a 100% Satisfaction Score from Professional Golfing Association (PGA) Tour Partners, there is no doubting the quality and workmanship of these putters.

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