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Ray Cook Putter Review

Ray Cook golf putters have been on the greens for over forty years, during which time, some of the world's best golfers have put them to the test. With over two-hundred tour wins, Ray Cook is the only independent putter manufacturer to have garnered a major tour victory in each decade since the 1960's. The original Ray Cook golf putter was ahead of its time due to the alignment technology it possessed. Now, with a higher center of gravity and even more alignment features, the modern Ray Cook Putter guarantees to produce consistent and accurate putts. Still offering the traditional Classic Plus 7 putter and the highly popular Billy Baroo, Ray Cook is proud to now offer a very modern M1 series of putters. This is a very affordable, well-made golf putter.

Ray Cook M1-3G
Heel Shafted
Higher Center of Gravity

Lowest Price at Austad's


Ray Cook Billy Baroo

Available without Insert
303 Stainless Steel Head

Lowest Price at Austad's


Integrating modern design with original alignment technology, the M1 series of heel-shafted mallet golf putters possess a greater center of gravity, thus helping the ball roll sooner, faster and steadier. An attractive blue chrome finish gives these putters a very sharp look, not to mention needed color contrast for proper alignment. As for the Billy Baroo, this is a solid and attractive putter composed of 303 stainless steel and a cobalt finish. Billy Baroo also comes available with an anodized aluminum, gold-colored insert, lending variable strike response.

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