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Ping Putter Review

Ping is a giant in the golfing world. Prized for their woods, irons and putters, Ping is the only U.S. based golfing company holding an ISO certification. What this means is that Ping meets strict quality assurance standards in engineering calibration (normally applied in the aerospace industry), thus guaranteeing steady improvement to all of their golfing products and putters. Several major PGA wins have been achieved with Ping golf putters, which include the Redwood Series, G5i Series, G2, Udrainium, JAS Craz-E and Classic stainless steel putters. The G5i series is one of the most popular, featuring dual durometer insert technology, while the Craz-E series offers some of the best tungsten weighted golf putters available.

Ping Craz-E
Elastomer Insert

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Ping G5i Dual Face
Multiple Advancements
Durometer insert cavity

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Ping Redwood Anser
100% milled series putters
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Ping Karsten B60
  Elastomer Insert

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The G5i putter offers the latest in Ping's alignment engineering and insert technology. The new insert features a precisely machined insert cavity infused with durometer, resulting in a softer perimeter and denser impact area. The final product results in a highly responsive putter. The Craz-E series represents the best in face-balanced golf putters. Implementing an advanced geometric shape and a low center of gravity away from the putter face, the Craz-E has a very high Moment of Inertia (MOI), thus facilitating consistency and accuracy. The overall optigraphic effect created between a contrast of the putters sight line and crescent shape is a powerful alignment aid. As for the Craz-E putter insert, it is made from blue urethane, which gives a softer, responsive feel.

The Redwood series pays tribute on the home of the original PING putter - Redwood City, California. It was here in Karsten Solheim's garage that the PING equipment revolution was born and with it came the commitment to quality and innovation found in this 100% milled putter series. Made from 303 stainless steel, the three-putter series offers classic model shapes designed for players seeking the very best. The black nickel chrome finish made popular in the PING Tour Wedges is the final touch.
Available in Anser model

Ping Karsten Series - For golfers preferring the performance of a steel face wi
th an insert feel, the Ping Karsten Series putter meets the criteria. An elastomer insert in the cavity provides enhanced feel while maintaining the solid response of a steel-faced putter. Weight savings from the new cavity shapes were redistributed to the perimeter to increase each putter's MOI (moment of inertia) for added forgiveness. Multi-level alignment aids are designed into most models.

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