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Nike Putter Review

Nike is one of the most successfully branded sports companies in the world. Widely known in the world of basketball, football and baseball, Nike has certainly established themselves in the golfing world over the years as well. Not only does one of the best golfers in the world, Tiger Woods, use a Nike putter, Golf Digest magazine has recognized Nike with several Editor's Choice Awards. As one would expect with any Nike product, the look of their golf putters is sleek and attractive. It is their performance, however, that truly makes Nike putters top-tier golfing products.

Nike OZ Black T-130

Oversized Mallet
Highest M.O.M.
Lowest Price at Austad's

Nike Unitized Seamless

Golf Digest Winner
Laser welded head
Lowest Price at Golf Galaxy

Nike IC 2020
Milled Face
Lowest Price At Austad's

The OZ series of Nike putters are one of the most diverse series of putters being sold today. The OZ Black T100 Mallet is a standard sized mallet putter with a 100 gram tungsten plug to help give needed weight for alignment, and reduce skidding. A face balanced putter, the OZ T 100 has a blue chip aluminum insert, which is almost twice as soft and lighter than regular steel, thus giving an enhanced feel and better control. The OZ T130 Oversized Mallet Putter by Nike is one of the newest OZ putters. It has the highest Moment of Inertia because it contains two rearward-housed 65 gram tungsten weights (adding up to 130 grams). Another member of the OZ series of Nike Golf Putters is the OZ Black T160 Blade Putter. A single 160 gram tungsten plug gives this putter the forgiveness of a mallet putter, but with the compactness a blade putter affords. One of Nike's most technologically advanced putters is their Unitized Seamless putter. Instead of traditional epoxy bonding between the putter head and shaft, Unitized putter heads are joined by laser welding, thus giving the shaft better vibration transmission, which translates to better feedback.

Nike IC Series Putter
Even the simplest putt is fraught with breaks, slopes, and grain direction. That's more than enough stuff to look at, which is why Nike designed the IC putter. By using optical engineering to tune the color, shape, and contrast of the entire club, the visual footprint of the shaft and the club head itself is reduced. This dramatically emphasizes the alignment aid, enhancing your ability to visualize the ball track at address. Now you can pull off a little visual trick of your own: making the ball disappear from sight.

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