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NGC Putter Review

NGC Golf is a world leader in scientific golf equipment. Unlike brand name golf club manufacturers, NGC could be considered the "indie putter" of the golfing world. However, just because NGC Golf is not as widely known as some other popular brands, they have made a good name for themselves. With over 1 million paying customers, NGC has been featured on the Golf Channel, ESPN, Golf Digest, Wall Street Journal and USA Today. Highly scientific research helps to shape all of NGC's golfing products, which range from clubs to sunglasses. NGC's two featured putters are the popular Condor and the newly developed Closer Weighted Putter.

NGC Closer Putter
Specially weighted
Stroke Customizing
w/30 Settings
Only Available at NGC


The Closer Putter by NGC truly embodies the science of putting. Thirty different settings help to correct for certain strokes, including pulls and pushes. Pulls can be corrected by moving weights toward the toe of the putter (measured by degrees), while pushes can be corrected by moving one, two or three weights toward the heel of the putter. Depending on the speed of the greens, weights can be added or removed to correctly accommodate. With all three weights, the Closer Putter by NGC is approximately ten grams heavier than most golf putters. Another incentive of the smooth mill faced Closer putter is that it has long sighting lines on the club (red and white) to help set up straight putts. A putter that adapts to fast or slow greens, like Closer, is certainly a weapon for any golfer.

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