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Cobra Launches New UFi Irons, L4V Drivers And Baffler Hybreds


Cobra Golf has come a long way since the early 1970s when it was a struggling start up golf company. But after new investment money in the mid 1970s, the company going public in 1993, the involvement of Greg Norman in the mid 1990s and then the acquisition of the company by Acushnet, Cobra Golf really became successful. But ultimately, that success only happened because of really good golf products.

Cobra Golf was known then primarily as an iron company. The King Cobra irons were revolutionary for their time because of the cavity backs, stronger lofts and graphite shafts. The Cobra tradition of innovation continues with the new UFi golf irons. They have a metal matrix face insert, a polymer topline, tungsten weights in the sole, a urethane sole insert and an aluminum plate over the back cavity. Even with all of this technology, they still are pleasing to anyone with a traditional eye. Skilled players will take a second look at these golf irons. Swinging them is even better - they are among the longest hitting irons in golf. This increased distance comes not only from stronger lofts, but also from a new clubhead design that produces a different trajectory. Balls do not fly too low, a common complaint with modern golf irons.

The L4V golf drivers are available in three models that have different face angles. The X model is neutral, the F is slightly closed and the M has a draw bias. None of the three golf drivers look closed at address. The L4Vs are high flyers with plenty of carry distance. They won't be accused of a low flying trajectory.

The other new products are the Baffler DWS and Baffler Pro utility golf clubs, both with an MSRP of $220 in graphite. The DWS model has a contour sole that makes it versatile for different types of lies. The heel and toe weights in the DWS model are 18 percent larger than those in the previous version. The DWS also has a maraging steel face insert. Meanwhile, the Pro model has a shallower face and a clean appearance.











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