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Adjustable Golf Clubs


Adjustable golf clubs with pivoting heads that change loft, telescoping shafts and moveable weights are nothing new. They've been on the market for years, regardless of the fact that they've been ruled nonconforming by the USGA and the R&A.

The first pivoting head golf clubs emerged in the 1800s in Great Britain, but they didn't hold up well. In the 1970s, with the advent of investment casting, the golf clubs became much more durable, says Don Moore, who has been manufacturing adjustable golf clubs since 1973. He started with the SuperStick and now sells the Universal Club ( on the Internet.

There are several companies making such golf clubs, all of which feature some sort of locking mechanism that enables the club head to be tilted to change loft. The makers of pivoting golf clubs say they have loyal followings of golfes who aren't interested in the rules. "You've got every club you need in one," says Jeff Goodfield, who sells the All-in-one Golf Club. According to Goodfield's web site (, the All-in-one golf club can be set to play like 34 golf clubs. He says his product can improve a player's golf game because the golf club always is swung at the same length. "You don'y have to learn to hit a 5-iron that's one length, the a 6-iron that's a different length," he says. The golf club can be collapsed like a telescope for storage.

But don't plan on trying to use any of these golf clubs in a sanctioned tournament anytime soon. They weren't included in the latest round of USGA approvals. 










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