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What's New - Adams Golf Idea a3 Hybrid Irons


Adams, which has produced several iron sets that replace traditional long irons with golf hybrids, takes out the 3, 4 and 5-irons in this set to make room for three golf hybrids that are built with Boxer Technology. Adams says the 3,350 MOI level in these golf clubs is 30 percent higher than other Adams golf hybrids and up to 70 percent higher than other leading golf clubs in the same class. This is done by shaping the golf hybrid into more of a square and pushing the mass into the far corners of the clubhead. The three golf hybrids have lofts of 19, 22 and 25 degrees. The golf hybrids have a steel face, milled scoring lines and a cambered sole design that Adams says reduces turf interference and promotes versatility. The set replaces the Idea a2. There also are a3 sets for women and seniors that start with a 4-hybrid and include a sand wedge.

The a3 set includes two types of irons. The 6 and 7 hollow-back mid-irons have a center of gravity that is low and deep in the clubhead to help with launch, and the 8-PW are cavity backs that offer more playability with a more traditional look.

MSRP: $799.99 graphite, $699.99 steel

Buy the steel set now at Austad's for $599.99.










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