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Heavy Can Help


Strength and a powerful release can be promoted by the use of a heavy golf club. Long-drive specialists and many golf professionals have practiced for decades with weighted golf drivers.

 Two of the newest and most successful weighted golf drivers on the market are the Momentus Power Hitter ($159.96) and the Maximus golf driver ($149.75) from Medicus. They both are great training aids that can be hit on the driving range. Momentus, based in Mount Pleasant, Iowa, has become the biggest name in golf driver training aids. Medicus, known for its dual-hinged training clubs, joined the weighted driver training aid market in 2007.

These training aid golf clubs are heavy. Make sure you warm up properly before swinging one all out. The Maximus men's model weighs 2 pounds, 4 ounces and is heavier than the Momentus, which is available in a variety of weights. The founder of Momentus, former U.S. Walker Cup player Jim Sorenson, advises golfers to hit no more than 30 golf balls with the weighted driver in one practice session. Some think it's advisable to use both heavy and light training aids. Dr Gary Wren, one of the top U.S. golf instructors, was asked if he advocated swinging a heavy training club. His response: "Anybody who wants to swing a heavy golf club should balance that by swinging a light golf club". Why would Wren say this, even telling golfers to swing a gripped golf shaft without a head on it? Because he wants them to develop a sensation of blazing speed. 











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