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Never Compromise Putter Review

Never Compromise was founded in 1997 with a spirit of competitiveness that has made their top-tier line of putters one of the most competitive on the PGA Tour. Existing as a relatively small company committed to "Never Compromising" on the quality of their putters (even if it meant making more money), golfing giant Cleveland Golf got wind of the company and acquired them in mid-2003.  Keeping the spirit of Never Compromise alive, Cleveland helped give Never Compromise widespread distribution. Now, several of the tour's top ranked professionals use Never Compromise golf putters, including Vijay Singh.

Never Compromise

Milled Series
PGA Tour Inspired
Lowest Price at Austad's

Never Compromise

Grey Matter 2
Golf Digest Winner
Lowest Price at Austad's

Never Compromise has three series of golf putters - Grey Matter Exchange, Grey Matter 2 and the Milled Series. The Milled Series is certainly one of their most advanced and popular. Inspired by the PGA Tour, the Milled Series features golf putters with varying body styles, 100% CNC milling from Japanese carbon steel, tungsten sole weighted heads, a seventy-one degree lie and standard putter lengths of 33", 34" and 35". The added weight of the Tungsten inserts moves the putters sweet spot so that it is directly in the center of the face, thus lending to an improved Moment of Inertia and a smoother, balanced stroke. As for Grey Matter 2, the aircraft grade aluminum body of the this outstanding putter series helps to put extreme weighting where it is needed most - the heel and toe.

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