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Mizuno Putter Review

Mizuno Golf and world renowned putter creator, Bob Bettinardi, have spent the past year developing the new Black Carbon putter series with two main goals in mind; first, create a putter that gives you the confidence to make putts and second, to give the golfer even more enhanced feel on every stroke. With the new patented Feel Impact Technology Face (F.I.T. Face), this one piece 100% milled carbon steel putter delivers the feel of and insert with this amazing new face. This gives the golfer, just like PGA Tour player Luke Donald, an all new enhanced feel when putting the ball. The F.I.T Face milled area dramatically reduces the surface area of where the ball makes contact with the face and in turn delivers an extremely solid and soft feel to every putt. Moreover, the new Black chrome finish is outstanding for its glare resistance and elegant look.

Black Carbon BC2
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The new Black Carbon putters are the Bench Mark for all other putter companies to shoot for. They feature 100% milled one piece carbon steel putters for ultra consistency, patented Feel Impact Technology Face for unmatched solid, soft feel, black chrome finish for maximum glare resistance on the green, True Temper steel shafts, and Winn AVS Honeycomb Sun gold/black grips.

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