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Heavy Putter Review

The DF, or Deep Face Series is the newest line of innovative putters from Boccieri Golf. The Deep Face technology raises the center of gravity "CG" by combining innovative design elements with a inch increase in the height of the putter face. By raising the CG, the sweet spot on the face more closely aligns with the equator of the golf ball. With a conventional putter, the golfer must consistently raise the putter approximately inch off the ground in order to strike the sweet spot. Achieving this optimal vertical impact point with consistency is extremely difficult. In fact, with so many putter companies talking about skid-roll and putter face technology, the reality is simply that many golfers are striking the ball too low which causes the dreaded skip and bounce. The DF series sets the CG so that it closely aligns with the equator of the ball, allowing the golfer to simply raise the putter just above the surface to strike the ball on the sweet spot. This optimal transfer of energy results in better roll and more consistent distance control.:

Heavy Putter B3 Putter

Regularly $199.95
On Sale $169.95
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B3 Original - 100% CNC milled from a forged billet. This is a mallet putter that is faced balanced and has a heel shafted hosel configuration with a half shaft of offset. The head weighs 475 grams and there is a 250 gram weight in the grip end of the shaft that creates a balance point that is 75% higher up the shaft than a conventional putter. The overall weight is 900 grams.

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