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Guerin Rife Putter Review

Guerin Rife putters could arguably be called the most technologically advanced putters on the market. Specializing in golf putters, Guerin Rife has put a great deal of energy and research in all of their putters. The widespread use of Guerin Rife Putters on the PGA Tour is a testament to how good these putters really are. Additionally, Guerin Rife golf putters have been consistently finishing in the Top 10 of major PGA Tournaments. For a large part of 2006, Guerin Rife was ranked #1 in putting average, and #2 for putts per round.

Guerin Rife 2 Bar Putter

Adjustable weights
Center Shaft
Lowest Price at Austad's

Guerin Rife 2 Bar Hybred
Roll Groove Technology
Lowest Price  Austad's

There are several technological features that make Guerin Rife putters so good. RollGroove Technology is what creates a true forward roll - enabled by precisely milled grooves giving the ball only 1 degree of loft (compared to the standard 4 degrees), thus eliminating skid and backspin. The LieAline Fitting System is a vertical notch on the back edge of the top line that subtly guides a correct setup position. A four-point weighting system uses stainless steel inserts to achieve heel/toe weighting, while two parallel rear-weighted bars combine to achieve further weighting, thus creating a larger sweet spot and a more stable stroke. Both rear-weighted bars can be removed and changed out with lighter/heavier bars to customize one's stroke. The body of the putter is made of forged/milled 6061 aluminum with a charcoal grey anodized finish.

Guerin Rife 2 Bar Hybred
In golf, the word "hybred" has become synonymous with a class of game improvement clubs that is a cross between an iron and a metal wood.
Hybrids combine the best or most playable aspects of each. Hybrid, by definition is: "anything derived from heterogeneous sources, or composed of elements of different or incongruous kinds". Rife putters is now introducing the worlds first hybrid putter, the TwoBar Hybrid Mallet. This putter is a combination of elements taken from the 2007 Golf Magazine "Mallet of the Year" Island Series Barbados, and the even-more-successful original TwoBar putter. The most distinct features and performance benefits from both models have been blended into one new spectacular design that is a game improving "hybrid" product in every sense of the word.

The new TwoBar Hybrid features Rife's patented:
 - RollGroove Technology TwoBar Alignment
 - Twin In-Line Moment Of Inertia (MOI)
 - Dual Response insert technology
 - LieAline Fitting System
 - Adjustable Speed Weighting


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