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Welcome to our Golfing Tips section. If you are seriously interested about improving your game, which every golfer should be  - you will have something to gain out of the following tips and advice, all related to golf. Even when you find that perfect golf putter and the most advanced set of golf clubs in the world, if you are not practicing on a frequent and steady basis and taking into consideration certain principles necessary for playing a consistently good game of golf, the quality of the equipment will not make the slightest difference.

That being said, please feel free to peruse through (even print off) all of our tips which have been compiled from numerous authoritative sources and golfing professionals.


Head In Vise For Precise Putting
Take The Stance Of An Athlete
Firm Up Putting Routine
Hard Greens - Put On A Soft Face
Putt - Chip - Pitch
Hinge Up - Not Out
Put a Finger On Your Putting Woes
Late - Day Putting Thoughts
The Putting Chairman Of The Board
The Freeze-Dried Putter
Please Drop!
Make Mine Decaf
Long Putts - Long Follow Through
You Can't Walk On Water Or Putt Through It Either
When Under Pressure, Go Back To Putting By The Numbers
Flatten It Out
Let Your Partner Check You First
Be Careful Of Too Much Pre-Round Putting
Make Three-Footers Automatic
Two-Headed Thinking
Don't Let A Shadowy Figure Bother You
Windy Day Putting
Let Your Fingers Do The Putting
Avoid Getting A Penalty From The Wind
Bunkers Can Help You Read A Putt
Don't Cross That Line
Slide, Don't Slap From The Sand
Poa Can Make The Greens Slower
You Are Not "Snake Bitten"
Are You Getting Too Fast?
Check The Pin Before You Chip
Set The Length Of Your Pitch Shots
Check The Rim Before You Putt
Hands Over The Ball
Get It On The Green First
A Backswing Too Far
Shake It Out
Let Your Weight Match Your Hands
Mark Your Ball If It Helps Your Opponent
Sweep Back Instead Of Rolling
How To Play Scary Downhill Putts
Dig And Choke Up At The Same Length
Getting It To The Hole
Stay Within The Lines
Protect The Field
Are You Too Uptight?
The 40% Rule
Lift The Footprint
Change Ball Position To Play Enough Break
Hit Down To Impart Spin
Does Your Putter Fit You
Different Strokes
Phone This Golf Tip In
A Slump Breaker
A Day When You Can't Miss
Learn To Let Go
Keep The Pin In




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