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When it comes to obtaining new grips for golf clubs and putters, we advise players to only settle for top quality. Golf club grips get the most wear and tear on any part of a golf club, and will inevitably have to be changed out after prolonged use. Our featured golf club grips above, which we rotate on a regular basis, can be ordered online and then taken into any neighborhood golf club shop to be re-gripped by certified club technicians. For those golfers who are confident in doing their own re-gripping, you should look for do-it-yourself golf grip kits from brands like Golf Pride, Winn and Lamkin. No worries if you want to re-grip your own clubs but are unsure how, since many of these kits come with instructional DVD's.

Our current golf club grips are brought to you by Austad's, where visitors can find a large selection of golf club grips to choose from, including putter grips, standard, oversized, undersized, pro-line, half and full cord, round, women's junior's, specialty and midsized grips. Feeling confused on what type of golf clubgrip to go for? No worries -we are here to help you select the best components depending on the type of golf clubs in your bag. If you have any questions whatsoever on what golf club grips are best suited for your golf clubs, or you are simply searching for a particular kind of golf club grip, we would love to hear from you.


Featured Grip Kit
Winn Standard All Weather Grip
This standard size Grip has a dignified look and feel with great shock absorption and resistance.
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Featured Grip Kit
Tour Velvet Grip Kit w/instructions
This self-contained grip kit is one of the most comfortable and popular slip-on velvet grips today.
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The essence of a good golf grip.

A good golf grip may not necessarily lead to a good golf swing, but a bad golf grip is much more likely to cause a bad golf swing. Many golfers struggle all their lives with golf grips that can never encourage good moves in the golf swing itself. Holding the golf club solidly is the first step towards correct positioning of the club head throughout the golf swing. The only thing to come in contact with the golf club is your hands.

You must take the grip apart piece by piece in order to fully understand what a good golf grip looks like. A lot of players have a golf grip that appears satisfactory at first glance, but on closer inspection turns out to be one of the main causes of their golfing woes.

Too much emphasis on your hands generally leads to a poor golf grip. This leads to over controlling the golf club and moving it out of position. The role of the hands are reduced as much as possible in an athletic golf swing. Think of them as conductors through which the speed and power created by the turning motion of your body is transferred to the golf club head. The old adage "great players have great hands" really dates back to the days of the hickory shaft. Because of the whippyness of those old shafts, the hands had to control the golf swing and square the golf club face. The hands must act passively in the modern athletic golf swing and simply respond to the motion of your body. The best position for your hands on the golf club is what's referred to as the neutral position. There are certainly some top players who use technically incorrect golf grips, but because of practice, talent and superior hand-eye coordination, they are able to compensate for their less that perfect golf grips.

The neutral golf grip is the easiest  to adopt.. It simply links your hands to the golf club and requires no compensations later in your swing. In fact, the more neutral your hands are at address, the more neutral they will be at impact. That means you are less likely to manipulate the golf club head with your hands. It's the turning motion of your body which squares the golf club head through impact, not the rolling of your hands. Don't confuse the elimination of hand action with that of wrist action. Passive hands does not mean that you swing stiff-wristedly. The hinging and unhinging of your wrists is vital for transmitting power through the lever action your golf swing creates with your arms and golf club. The way in which your hands are placed on the golf club influences this important wrist movement. Placing the golf club too much in the palms will result in a lack of mobility and restrict the correct hinging or cocking of the wrists. Holding the golf club too much in the fingers will tend to make  your wrists overactive and loose.

When constructing a neutral golf grip, start with your left hand and then bring in your right hand. This will ensure that neither is in a more powerful position. They must work together rather than in opposition. Starting with the left hand, place the golf club between the palm and the finger joints, not in the palm. (If you are playing regularly and practicing enough, and gripping the golf club correctly, you will develop callouses on the lower joints of your fingers - but not in the palm of your hand.) The last three fingers of your left hand apply the pressure to the golf club, particularly the little finger. The right hand should be placed slightly to the right of the shaft, but it should grip the golf club only half as firmly as the left hand. It is important that you get your right thumb and forefinger as close as possible to one another. Your right hand whips your club head through the golf ball, and the combination of right thumb and forefinger bear most of the pressure.

Practice taking your golf grip, even while watching tv, for up to 20 minutes per day. Repeat until it becomes something you do without thinking. It may not be the most interesting of exercises, but correct positioning of your hands is too important to neglect.


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