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The Pancake Shot


If you're like a lot of straight hitters, a lack of distance puts pressure on your golf game and you tend to play a lot of short shots from around greens that you haven't reached in regulation. Some of those shots are fairly straightforward, but you're also bound to face situations in which you need to get the golf ball up quickly and land it softly, or your forced to play to a very tight pin with very little green to work with.

This is where the "pancake shot" comes in. It's a soft, high lob-style golf shot that's hit with a wide-open clubface - so wide open that it resembles a pancake spatula. The idea is to slide the clubface under the golf ball and let the golf club's loft pop the ball straight up into the air. The harder you hit it, the higher it'll go and the softer it'll land.

Start by opening both your stance and the clubface and weakening your grip - in other words, turn it to the left on the handle, which will keep the clubface open at impact. Play the golf ball off your left heel, and pick the club up quickly with a sharp wrist cock, making sure to keep your right elbow close to your right side. Swing the golf club back down with a wristy action, and allow your left wrist to break down through impact - you want the clubhead to lead your hands onto the follow-through. And don't turn your right hand over your left in the follow-through. You want to keep the clubface open all the way to the finish.











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