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The Pancake Shot


Inside Track

If you've played golf long enough, you should know that swinging into impact from inside the target line is the way to go. An inside-to-square path means your whole body, not just your arms, is powering the golf club through the shot. But getting the golf club on the inside track coming down - or "dropping it into the slot" - is one of the toughest moves to master. Try these tips.

Take It Out - It's easier to drop the golf club to the inside if it's coming down from the right place. Instead of pulling the golf club quickly to the inside on the takeaway, try starting it out slightly outside the target line for the first foot or so. An outside takeaway helps create power-producing arm extension and gets your hands above your shoulders at the top. From there, you'll have room to drop your arms and deliver the clubhead to the golf ball from the inside.

Order, Order - If you start the downswing with your arms, they'll move the golf club away from your body and set up a weak, out-to-in path through impact. For the proper inside move, the arm's have to follow the lower body's lead. Focus on your feet, knees and hips. If they start the forward motion of your downswing, your arms will naturally drop the golf club into the slot.

Drill: Right Foot Back
Groove an inside-to-square downswing by hitting shots with your right foot 12 inches behind it's normal position. Lift your right heel slightly and make a normal swing. Your right arm and shoulder will drop to the inside as you begin your downswing. Hit a dozen or so shots this way, then try to duplicate the feeling in your regular swing.











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