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Spot putting can be very effective, especially when the pressure is on. Many great professional putters employ the spot technique.

Being able to maintain your putting posture throughout the putting stroke is one of the main benefits of spot putting. Most golfers are anxious the see the results of their putt and they tend to rise up out of their posture prematurely by lifting their heads and looking up. Doing this almost always results in a putting stroke that strays off-line and sends the golf ball away from the intended target.

You can beat this flaw and improve the quality of your putts by spot putting. To do so, try this: Find a spot directly on the line you've chosen to roll your putt and just an inch or two in front of your golf ball. It might be a different looking blade of grass or a different color, but whatever it is, when you're set to putt the golf ball, focus your eyes on your chosen spot, not the golf ball. Now, make your putting stoke with the intention of rolling the golf ball right over your chosen spot. And don't rise up from your putting posture until after the putter head has passed your spot.

Spot putting like this pretty much takes the hole out of the picture because you are concentrating on your spot rather than on the hole. And this also results in a smoother stroke. By focusing on your spot rather than the golf ball, you will tend to more properly accelerate the putter head down the intended line rather that cutting off the stroke or just making a jab at the ball. And this will definitely result in more putts finding the hole.










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