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Keep It Level


In order to have a solid golf swing it it imperative that during the takeaway of the golf club into the backswing, you must have a level turn of the shoulders and hips. A solid rotation not only lays the foundation for achieving maximum distance but it also promotes consistent golf ball striking.

Many amateurs unfortunately don't utilize a level turn to increase the quality of their golf shots. Instead, they execute a poor turn by lifting, tilting or swaying during the backswing. Any one of these motions will not only move the golf club off the proper plane, but they will also ruin three key angles established on the right side at address. In order to deliver the golf club powerfully into the back of the golf ball, these angles, formed at the right shoulder, hip and knee must be maintained. Watch any power hitter and you'll see that at the top of the golf swing, the shoulders are turned, but level.

Keeping your right side as quite as possible during the takeaway of the golf club is the easiest way to keep your right side angles in order. You can't get too active in the takeaway. In other words, teach yourself to become left side dominant during the backswing.

Taking practice swings at half speed with the left arm only is a great drill. Concentrate on making a level turn with the shoulders and hips. At the top of your backswing, stop, and see that your right side angles have been maintained. If they are, you're primed for power.











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