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One-hand Control


In everyday life, we rarely use both hands to accomplish a motor task. This is one of the reasons why putting with just one hand on the golf putter handle can yield positive results.

A drill that many golfers use who are having trouble getting the golf ball on line is to place a ball at a distance of no more than three to six feet from the hole. Your job is to attempt to make the golf putt with just your right hand on the golf putters handle. After attempting five to ten golf putts with your right hand, repeat using just your left hand.

After the left-handed golf putts, note which hand is more of the control hand. This is the hand you felt more comfortable with or the one that got the golf ball into the hole the most consistently.

Often, it's your dominant hand, which should be no surprise. There are a few golfers who feel the non-dominant hand (the left for right-handers) is better at controlling the ability to get the golf ball started on line. Whatever is the case, work to get both more capable of controlling the golf putter head. If one hand is clearly the winner, it may not be prudent to spend much time on the other hand.

The point is if you find you're not getting the golf ball started on line out on the course, you may wish to grip the golf putter first with your control hand, then slide the other hand on as a support and with a lighter grip pressure.

By using one hand as a control hand and the other as support, you should find that the challenge of eye-hand coordination is lessened. This in turn, may reduce the number of mis-hits and allow the golf ball to start on line more frequently.

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