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Focus On Your Stroke


Putting is a game of precision, not strength. This explains why most good golf putters have advanced concentration and focus skills. They strike the golf ball on the sweet spot a good percentage of the time. It's the ability to hit the golf ball in its center that leads to fewer three-putts and more birdies.

An easy and effective way to better your focus and, therefore, your chances of striking the golf ball on its sweet spot is to practice putting with your sand wedge. Obviously, a sand wedge isn't designed for putting. But if you can learn to putt with a sand wedge, imagine how deadly you'll become when you return to your golf putter.

Address the ball with your normal putting stance and align the leading edge of the sand wedge to the ball's equator. As you take your stroke, retain your focus on the golf ball's center and strike it with the golf club's sole. You'll be shocked at just how well you can roll the golf ball with this exercise. This drill effectively frees up your muscles and allows you to make a smooth, fluid stroke through the golf ball. More importantly, it encourages you to focus on hitting the golf ball exactly on the sweet spot every time. It places your awareness where it needs to be - on the golf ball.

Once you return to your trusty golf putter, you should have a much better awareness of how precisely you want to hit the golf ball. Hopefully, you'll become so focused that you'll see which dimple you hit when the golf ball is struck. Now, that's concentration.

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