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Don't Get Wristy


With the hitting instinct most people have a preconceived notion that the power in the golf swing comes from the arms and hands. But in reality, the arms and hands have no place in the golf swing. The down-swing is a gravitational event, until the club head enters the pre-impact zone. Only at this point should the arms and hands help power the golf club into the golf ball.

There are certain situations around the green where "iffy" lies would dictate a conscious manipulation of the club head by bringing the hands and wrists into play. But on the tee, where the objective is to generate maximum power and distance, it's a no-no to get "wristy" or "handsy". With the golf driver, you should keep the hands and wrists as quiet or passive as possible. That's especially true during the backswing. The golf driver should be taken away in a one piece motion with a full shoulder turn and with the big muscles in the legs and torso controlling the swing. When the golf club reaches the waist level is the point at which the wrists should begin to hinge. This is the only point where the golf swing should get "wristy".

There is a temptation to control the golf club with the hands for many golfers. This is when the hitting instinct takes over - that in order to generate power, the arms and hands have to come into play. But you should forget that and let the golf club do what is was designed to do. At the beginning of the downswing, the hands and wrists should remain passive as the swing is triggered by the weight shift and a turn towards the left side. Once gravity has started the arms on their downward route, only then should the arms and hands attempt to create acceleration. This point is known as  pre-impact and you should have the sensation that the hands and arms feel like they are cracking a whip. The key is to think faster, not stronger. Having relaxed wrists with no tension throughout the golf swing and not trying to force it is the best way to achieve this. Relaxed arms and wrists always equals more power. Until the moment of impact, keep the smaller muscles of the hands and arms out of the picture and let the bigger muscles of the legs and torso take charge.










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