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It's All In The Wrists



If accuracy isn't one of your strong suits, one way to get a wayward clubface under control quickly is to check your left wrist at the top of your swing. There's a direct correlation between the angle of your left wrist and the position of the clubface (open, closed, or square) at he top of your swing and at impact. The ideal position would be if  the back of your left hand and your left wrist formed a straight line after you've brought your golf club to the top. This indicates a square clubface.

If your left wrist is cupped, or bent back at the top, your clubface will be open and you'll be more likely to hit a push or a slice, depending on your swing path. On the other hand, if your left wrist is bowed, or bent forward, chances are good that you'll bring your golf club down to impact with a closed face, which can result in a pull or a hook.

If most of your bad shots are going right, and you notice that your left wrist is bending back at the top, take a ruler and either tape it to the back of your left hand and wrist, or hold it there with your wristwatch. Practice taking the golf club to the top. You'll soon get the feel of what it's like to swing the club back without cupping your wrist, which will reduce those left-to-right or right-to-right ball flights.

Similarly, if most of your mis-hits are heading left, and you notice that your left wrist is bending forward at the top, move the ruler to the underside of your left wrist and palm. This will prevent you from bowing your wrist, and with practice, will help you straighten out those pulls and hooks.









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