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Unlike the golf swing, there are almost no centrifugal forces at work in the putting stroke. Therefore, whatever you do at address pretty much determines what you'll do with the putter during the stroke. In studying the best putters on Tour, it's easy to find common denominators in both their setup positions and strokes. Obviously, there are exceptions to every rule, but for the most part, common traits run rampant in the setup positions of great golf putters. Specifically, they establish four key setup lines.

The first setup line runs from the eyes to the inside edge of the golf ball. When the eyes are in alignment over  the inside edge of the golf ball, the player is better able to line up the putter to his or her target and visually track the line on which the golf ball will travel.

The second line runs from the shoulders straight down through the arms and hands. When the arms and hands are in alignment under the shoulders, the player can swing them back and through naturally, creating the optimal putterhead path.

The third line bisects the center of the hips and the heels. The proper alignment of the hips and heels creates balance and stability during the stroke. When a player is centered, stable and in balance, he or she can attain consistent, solid contact.

The fourth line is drawn from the puttershaft through the inside edge of the forearms. This line is achieved by placing the grip of the golf putter more through the palms than in the fingers. By aligning the shaft and the forearms, a single lever is created, resulting in optimal control during the stroke.











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