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Cobra Putter Review

Cobra is one of the most well-known names in golf. Primarily associated with their powerful drivers making up the King Cobra line, Cobra Golf offers two innovative putter designs. One is the King Cobra Inner Mallet putter and the other is the Optica putter. Both putters are built for toughness while providing highly accurate alignment technology. King Cobra clubs are modern and sleek with cutting edge design and high-grade quality construction.

King Cobra
Optica SL-05

Fiber Optic Technology
Lowest Price at TGW

King Cobra
Inner Mallet Putter

Aluminum Alloy Construction
Lowest Price at Austad's

The Optica SL putter by Cobra is one-of-a-kind. The first putter to use fiber optic technology to aid with putting alignment, Optica SL uses an exceptionally bright glowing fiber optic beam to line putts up before the stroke is made. The putter features a forged aluminum body, milled face and a forged aluminum weight ring to aid in distance control. A heel shafted and center shafted club is available with Winn multi-texture grips and True Temper shafts (34" or 35"). The Cobra Inner Mallet Putter is built with forged, soft alloy aluminum and a milled face, which helps create soft contact with the ball and a steady roll. The inner mallet is oversized at 3.64" deep and 3.86" from putter heel to toe. A tungsten weight insert puts the center of gravity in the lower rear of the putter, thus creating a high Moment of Inertia.

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