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Cleveland Putter Review

Our research at Cleveland® Golf has indicated that one of the major contributors to missed putts is misalignment. Unlike most sports where the eyes are positioned directly behind the target, the putting stroke positions the eyes to the side of the target. Principals of optometry show that unless eyes can be positioned directly above the ball's center and on the intended target line, visual misperceptions will occur.

Cleveland VP5
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For most golfers, the common solution for this problem is to compensate by adjusting their swing path or address position. These adjustments cause greater inconsistency in the putting address position. An inconsistent address position creates inconsistencies in the putting stroke which imparts sidespin onto the ball. All of this leads to a higher likelihood of missed putts.

With the Visual Performance (VP™) putters, Cleveland Golf has produced a series of putters that will aid players by getting them into the correct address position every time.

Using Dual Axis Alignment™ technology, golfers are now able to determine when their hands move out of position as well as detect when their eyes are not directly over the ball. These are the two major contributors to pushed and pulled putts. By addressing both of these issues, VP putters increase impact consistency. The results are true roll and better distance control which leads to more putts made and lower scores.

Bottom line, this golf putter will allow you to line up more consistently and make more putts. The Cleveland Golf Visual Performance Putters aid the player in obtaining the correct position every time they address the ball on a putt.  The enhanced sight lines will inspire confidence and keep you sure of your line.  Not only will this putter help with your alignment but the face on the VP putter will actually help promote a truer roll when putting.  The VP also features a soft Winn grip for exceptional feel.

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